Wyoming's senior senator gave President Barack Obama's Tuesday evening State of the Union Address credit for eloquence, but not originality. U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi said Mr. Obama's speech had inspiring words, but noted there was nothing new in the president's message.

And, Sen. Enzi translated some of the language.

How that translates:

"He calls for a lot of federal investment. Investment is just another word for more spending in government-speak. You can't spend what you don't have, even if you call it an investment. Increasing federal spending is what got us in our national deficit mess."

Enzi also took issue with the president's approach to helping the economy saying the president continues to think spending and higher taxes are the answer to more jobs. The federal government needs to get its fiscal house in order to strengthen the economy, said Enzi.

Sen. Enzi was encouraged by some of President Obama's address to the nation.

Word of encouragement:

"I was, however, encouraged by our president's pledge to improve our education system. I'm committed to fixing the No Child Left Behind Act, and will work with Chairman Tom Harkin and the other members of Health, Education Labor and Pensions Committee."

During his address, the president committed to reviewing regulations to search for ways to free business from stifling rules, and Enzi said he would be watching so see what the president does. Enzi added that actions speak louder than words, especially recycled words.