by  Amy Richards, Townsquaremedia , Cheyenne

Senator Charlie Scott, of Casper, says he likes what he heard from the Governor in the state of the state address when it comes to the Wyoming Health Department.  Scott says, he's especially pleased with the appointment of Casper city manager, Tom Forslund to head the department.

"there's an action that speaks louder than words. I think Mr. Forslund will be an extremely effective health care administrator and will go a long way toward dealing with some of the problems we've got in our medicaid program."

Scott says he also liked hearing that the Governor wants the "Healthy Frontiers" program expanded, "because that's an alternative to the very expensive Medicaid expansion that's in the National reform. And it's one that, if the National reform gets repealed, that gives us an answer going forward for dealing with the problems; excessive costs and the uninsured. If it doesn't get repealed, it gives us a way to deal with the Medicaid expansion that's in that bill in a much more cost effective manner."

Scott says he also supports the move to join the multi-state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Health care Act.