The lockout at Crest Hill Elementary was lifted today, according to a spokeswoman for the Natrona County School District.

"Crest Hill is resuming normal operations as of today," Tanya Southerland said.

The lockout on Wednesday occurred, according to the school district's Facebook page, “for an unspecific threat made towards the school. Parents and visitors must ring the doorbell to gain entry into the school today.”

Wednesday, district spokesman Kelly Eastes said a domestic situation lead to the decision.

“There was an issue that involves parents of a child at that school, and there were some things said that made us kind of take notice,” Eastes said. “So as an absolute precaution we locked out the school today.”

The district’s risk manager is still talking with Casper Police about when the lockout should be lifted, he said.

A “lockout,” according to the district’s Safe Schools Office, happens when “heightened awareness is required due to a general safety concern.”

A “lockout” is different from a “lockdown,” which happens when an immediate and real threat to the school or district has been identified, according to the office.