An elementary school in Casper that uses renewable energy held a dedication ceremony Thursday afternoon. Kelly Eastes (eh'steez), chief public relations officer for Natrona County School District, says that the innovative design of the school started three years ago, and he thanked instrumental contributors including Admundsen and Associates Architects, Rain Solar and Wind and the Board of Trustees.

Summit Elementary Principal Anne LaPlante welcomed visitors to the dedication and noted that the school motto is Excel and Lead.

Tenets of leadership:

"And one of the programs that we are most proud of at our school is something we call the Leader in Me Program. It's based on Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and our entire character building program is built around being proactive, thinking win-win, and following those habits."

The students did excel in decorum; the entire assembly of young students was focused, enthusiastic yet well mannered, and all participated in the 30-minute ceremony with poise. Principal LaPlante introduced Music Teacher Robin Grussendorf who put the school tenets to music.

Original song:

Student leaders presented original speeches on the seven habits of leadership. Katie Owen read the letter from our state superintendent.

From state superintendent:

"I look forward to visiting your school in the near future. Until then, I encourage you to read, ask lots of questions, help others, and imagine new things. Sincerely, Cindy Hill, state superintendent of public instruction."

Sebastian Koehmsted read the letter from Wyoming's junior senator.

From Sen. Barrasso:

"We look forward to hearing of your many achievements in the future. With warm regards, John, John Barrasso, MD, United States senator."

Leslie Blythe of Rocky Mountain Power was there to represent the wind part of the wind, solar and geothermal, renewable energy mix. Ms. Blythe pointed out that the 22,000 dollars for the wind turbine was actually donated by the voluntary investments of the Blue Sky Program.

Blue Sky Program:

"If people want to learn more about Blue Sky, they can go to our website, and sign up for Blue Sky, $1.95 a month. If you buy one block a month for 12 months, it's the same as planting 16 trees, it's the same as driving 1,400 miles less a year. So if you want to make a difference in renewables, this is a great way to do it."