A $600 million dollar School Capital Construction bill signed by Governor Matt Mead this week includes about $190 million for Natrona County.

Natrona County School's Superintendent, Joel Dvorak, says with the bill signed they can finally move forward on designs for three high school projects on hold since last July.

"We're very anxious  to get our designers on track and on contract so that we can move ahead on the design. We're very anxious to move ahead on property acquisition."

Property acquisition includes purchases that would add to the footprint of Natrona County High School.

Dvorak, says the language in the final bill moves the projected enrollment numbers for the  projects out another five years from the date of construction completion, "and so that I think is a much more prudent number and one that will allow us to finish the construction and then not have to come back around and say,'Oh, by the way, we're over crowded', and then have to build again."

Dvorak says the language in the bill also allows for the timeline for high school construction to be determined later in the design phase.

In addition the district has several elementary school projects also paid for by this capital construction bill.