The Natrona County School District denied a request from a Bar Nunn man who asked the board of trustees for an unredacted video of the controversial skit presented at Natrona County High School in late August that lead to the resignation of the principal.

The Sept. 29 letter denying the request from school district attorney Kathleen Dixon to Jason Hammond will be mentioned during the district's meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday.

The Wyoming Public Records Act make exceptions to viewing certain records when they would harm the public interest, Dixon wrote.

"The majority of individuals pictured in the August 25, 2014 video are new personnel who did not invite this activity. There is a substantial risk of additional personal harassment and/or unwanted attention if they are publicly, individually identified," Dixon wrote.

Individual exposure may discourage cooperation with investigations and future reporting by other personnel, she wrote. The district disciplined those involved with the skit, she added.

Releasing too much information, just like releasing too little information, could invite legal challenges, Dixon added. "The NCSD has done its best to follow the letter and the spirit of the law, considering both the public interest and individuals' privacy interests in its public information release."

Hammond was unavailable for comment.

The saga started when the school held its annual staff “welcome back” program, featuring a skit with two teachers who parodied a “Saturday Night Live” sketch containing ribald jokes about themselves and other staff, sexuality, body parts, and a serial killer.

School district officials received complaints about the skit, which was seen by 215 faculty and staff, and six members of the student council. They launched an investigation the next day.

Principal Dean Kelly was placed on administrative leave, and subsequently resigned.