Casper city council commended management of the Sandbar Lounge for improvements made as they agreed Tuesday to lift the 10 p.m. closure restriction on the outdoor patio there. Councilman Paul Meyer noted a reduction in bar fights and a clean up of the area surrounding the bar on West 1st Street.

Sandbar Owner, Nancy Goddard indicated she'd worked hard to get the message across to patrons that the behaviors that resulted in restrictions being levied on the bar in the first place won't be tolerated. Goddard says the request for a later patio opening is in preparation for a possible indoor smoking ban.

"I've talked to the Chief of Police and we both kind of agree it would be a little bit better to have my patrons contained instead of having them on the street or in the parking lot smoking. At least this way I have security to watch and keep an eye on them."

The enclosed patio area at the Sandbar Lounge will be open until 2 a.m. with staffing required at all times.