CANTON, Ohio (AP) — Mitt Romney is trying to turn attention back to the economy -- instead of social conservative issues -- after the uproar last week over Rush Limbaugh's comments about the college student who testified to Congress about contraception.

On the eve of the Super Tuesday primaries, Romney told supporters in Ohio that he sees "a lot of folks talking about lots of things," but that the focus needs to be on "getting good jobs and scaling back the size of government."

Once again emphasizing his business background, Romney says other people have debated the economy and talked about it in Congress -- but that he himself has "actually been in it."

Romney and chief rival Rick Santorum are scrambling for any advantage they can find in Ohio. It's the most-watched contest among the 10 states where Republicans are making their choices tomorrow.

The latest polls found Santorum slipping in Ohio, leaving him in a near dead-heat with Romney in the state. Newt Gingrich, meanwhile, is looking strong but not invincible in his home state of Georgia, where he needs a win.