One hundred years ago the Casper Power Plant, operated by the company now known as Rocky Mountain Power, was located in the brick structure that forms part of the Nicolayson Art Museum.

Rocky Mountain Power is thinking a lot about history these days as they move toward a centennial celebration and, in that spirit, they've offered a legacy gift to the city of Casper.

"Next year is our birthday, our 100th year birthday, and so Casper was one of two communities in Wyoming selected for a Legacy Project. This particular project will be located by the Nic, because that was one of the original power plants in Casper."

Rocky Mountain Power, Customer and Community Manager, Leslie Blythe, presented the idea, still in the conceptual stage, to city council this week for a plaza shelter proposed for the area south of the bus plaza on Durbin Street next to Collins.

"The facility will be built such that it can be used as a staging area for Nic Fest or Wednesday night live, or even as a structure where people can gather and have a sandwich at lunch or whatever. It'll be very artistic as well."

She says the history of the original Casper Power Plant may be incorporated as etching into the plaza shelter. The design and construction come as donations from local firms, GSG Architecture-Architect, James Holloway, is its designer- and Groathouse Construction.

Rocky Mountain Power hopes to complete and dedicate its Legacy project at next summer's Nic Fest.