A compromise electrical rate hike request from Rocky Mountain Power has gone back to the Wyoming Public Service Commission.

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Rocky Mountain Power submitted its compromise rate hike request Monday to the Public Service Commission..

"The overall dollar amount of the case was settled at 61.3 million. Then there is a credit to customers of 16.7 million. The credit will appear as a separate item on customers bills. So that would make it a net price change of 44.6 million."

Margaret Ohler, for Rocky Mountain Power, stresses that the compromise settlement still needs to be approved by the Public Service Commission.

The compromise brings the request to about half of what it was at the beginning of the process. Average increases for power customers will vary, but, she says,  "for the average residential customer using 825 kilowatt hours per month the effect of the settlement would be approximately $6.31( a month)."

Ohler says the credit is based on the expected sale of renewable energy credits and some Federal air emission allowances.

Settlement points also include specified completion dates for some of the distribution improvement projects underway in Natrona County.

Lack of reliability was a major complaint for Natrona County customers.

Completing its current expansion projects, it's hoped, will solve those reliability issues.

If the new settlement is approved by the Public Service Commission, Ohler says the new prices would take effect on September 22nd.