A Casper man is denying he pointed a gun at police officers.

Twenty-two year old Richard Ortega has pleaded not guilty to two counts of aggravated assault.

Investigators say in July, Ortega walked by officers in the 2900 block of Harrington Drive, then went into a garage.

A short time later, police were conducting interviews on an unrelated matter when they saw Ortega come back outside with a rifle, which prosecutors say he aimed at the officers.

Police told Ortega to drop the weapon, and he ran back into his house with the gun.

Ortega eventually surrendered and admitted he had been drinking.

He said the reason why he did not speak to officers when he passed them by, was because he was on probation and did not want to get his probation revoked.

As for why he pointed the rifle at officers, he said he was not attempting to shoot anyone, rather he positioned himself to shoot for the thrill, and did not believe he would get caught.

Ortega is free on $20,000 bond awaiting trial, and could receive up to ten years in prison if convicted.