An idea to get seniors out to the symphony is being realized by a new Rotary club in town. The Reveille  Rotary Club is focusing on senior services and they intend to make sure seniors who might not otherwise get there, make it to the symphony.

"We heard there was a need to provide some transportation for seniors who would like to attend, but were maybe not able to drive in the evenings, that kind of thing."

Club spokesperson, Carolyn Griffith, says it was an easy void for their members to fill.

She says there are about 6 or 7 seats left, possibly more, to the next performance on March 17 of Beethoven's Eroica by the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra.

Anyone needing a ride and a ticket to the performance should call Denise at 265-4678 to reserve a spot.

For more information about the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra,  call 266 1478

or visit the Symphony’s website at