It's that time of year where some people will want to go take a dip in the pool, lake or river...and a few tend to get in over their head.

Craig Kidder with Casper Fire EMS says his department responds to possible drowning incidents about 20 times every summer.

One particular hot spot is Whitewater Park along the North Platte River.

Kidder says that area was designed for whitewater crafts and not for individuals on tubes.

"It doesn't look like a big feature, until you're in it, and there's a lot of power, with that amount of water being neck down, and diverted through the features. It has a lot of current, a lot of undertow, and a lot of places where a swimmer without proper equipment and training can get into trouble."

Kidder says water levels along the North Platte River are right about where they should be, at this time of year.

Anyone who heads out should wear a floatation device and practice the buddy system.