Rep Tom Lubnau, Chairman of the Select Investigative Committee looking into Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill's administration of the Wyoming Department of Education, is asking the governor's office for a copy of the unredacted Governor's Inquiry Team Report.

In a letter to the governor, Lubnau said the work of the Select Investigative Committee cannot begin in earnest until all information contained in the Inquiry's Team Report is provided to the Committee. Lubnau added that the progress of the investigation, in large measure, rests on production of the unredacted materials and as a result, time is of the essence. On behalf of the Select Investigative Committee, Lubnau asked for copies of the the following:

1. Governor's Inquiry Team Report Regarding Wyoming Department of Education;

2. Confidential Report of the Governor's Inquiry Team Regarding Wyoming Department of Education;

3. All supporting documents and other material submitted by the members of the Inquiry Team, interviewees or other sources with the report.

Lubnau said while he understands the Inquiry Team Report was released in a redacted form to protect confidential personnel information, the Select Investigative Committee has adopted rules to protect confidential information gathered during the actions of the Committee.