Nearly 78 percent of Wyoming schools have been graded as exceeding, meeting or partially meeting the expectations of the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act, accordining to pilot school performance ratings released Friday by the Wyoming Department of Education in Cheyenne.

The pilot ratings will act as a test of the new system for rating school performance, which was developed by the WDE. Under the new system, schools earn ratings in one of four categories - Exceeding Expectations, Meeting Expectations, Partially Meeting Expectations, and Not Meeting Expectations.

Legislatively mandated supports and interventions, which accompany each rating, will not take effect until the 2014-2015 school year. The model and its associated business rules will continue to be refined this year and implemented fully in the 2014-15 school year.

Of the state’s 351 schools, 43 percent were rated as Meeting Expectations. Another 23 percent of schools rated as Partially Meeting Expectations and 10.5 percent of schools rated as Exceeding Expectations. Fifty-six Wyoming schools (nearly 16 percent) were rated as Not Meeting Expectations in this pilot year.