A conversation about a possible new interchange for I-25 north of Casper happens next Tuesday. Wyoming Department of Transportation Spokesman, Jeff Goetz says its very early in the considerations and they want to hear from local residents first. It'll happen at Bar Nunn Elementary and he says they're most interested to hear from those living in and around Bar Nunn.

"The assumption is that it is needed at some point, because the town is growing. There's a whole bunch of new housing and commercial stuff that's platted up there and there's a lot of traffic on Wardwell road right now off of I-25."

The public meeting is set for 5:30 - 7 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 28th in the Bar Nunn Elementary School cafeteria, 2050 Siebke Dr.

The meeting is part of a feasibility study looking at best locations for a possible interchange.