Casper City Council holds a public hearing Tuesday of its proposed ideas for expenditure of excess one cent tax dollars, plus monies left over from last year's general fund. The dollars to be distributed total about $8.5 million.

One million of that is proposed for an idea, through the Boys and Girls Club, called the All American Center. The idea combines boxing and financial management into an educational program.

Boys and Girls Club Director, Ashley Bright, says the concept is already in practice at the Casper Boxing club.

"Our boxing club leaders have been mentoring our kids in the boxing program in this area of managing finances."

The city's contribution would come via land acquisition. Other partners in the project include the Casper Boxing Club, The Mcmurry Foundation, The Daniels Fund and the school district.

That's just one of 10 proposals to be considered for allocation of about $8.5 million. The public hearing happens Tuesday, 6 p.m. in the city council chambers.