After a  review of a proposed Casper city ordinance banning indoor public smoking Wednesday, private clubs were added to the exempt list.

The VFW for example would be exempt except at times when the public is invited in.

Casper City Council considered the question, Do citizens have a right to smoke-free air every where they go?

Councilman, Paul Bertoglio said no. "I don't believe there is a right, that's what the people said when they overturned the ordinance last time."

Councilman Maury Daubin disagreed. "Its in the same class to me as asbestos fibers in the air and radon gas."

Councilman Charlie Powell likewise said, " I believe its not only our right to do this, it's our responsibility".

Three council men, three different views.

Another significant change has the smoking distance from a door reduced from 25 feet to 10 feet.

The ordinance will get at least one more work session review before going to a regular meeting and public hearing, likely by mid May.