Tightening of the rules governing issuance of malt beverage permits gets a second reading next month with additional changes agreed to this week by Casper City Council.

Casper City Council and the Casper Police Department are pursuing changes to the malt liquor permit ordinance, in hopes of providing a framework that allows for denial or revocation of permits when a user fails to comply with laws governing the consumption of alcohol, in particular its service to minors.

The proposed revised ordinance clarifies this and limits the number of infractions by both the permit holder and those attending an event.

It also limits the number of permits for any person or location per year to 24.

The language in the ordinance delineates between public and private event spaces allowing for venues like the Nicolaysen to be unaffected by the permit limits.

A second reading of the proposed changes happens December 6th at the next Casper City Council regular meeting.