Following a possible Tularemia diagnoses in a local dog, Natrona County health officials are encouraging folks to take precautions.

"What we wanted to do here at the health department was to take this opportunity to remind folks that Tularemia is here. It's always been with us and now, as we start moving out to outdoor activities, people should be aware that there is a risk out there."

Health Department Director, Robert Harrington, says Tularemia is usually contracted through a tick or biting fly. It's carried in rabbits, muskrats and beavers. It's transmitted to humans via contact with the body fluid of an infected animal.

Harrington recommends wearing long sleeves and pants and the use of insect repellent for you and your dog during tick season.

The disease usually has a rapid onset of "flu-like" symptoms and there is often an ulcer at the site of the fly or tick bite.

It generally responds well to treatment with antibiotics.

For further information, please contact the Casper Natrona County Health Department at

307-235-9340, ext. 752