The televisions are safe.

Police have recovered nine wide-screen television sets worth $6,300 that were stolen from the Holiday Inn in east Casper, Detective Sgt. Richard Brown said Friday.

The hotel at 721 Granite Peak Drive had been replacing its old 32-inch models with 40-inch Samsung models, Brown said.

"They brought a large amount of TVs in, nine at the time to switch out," he said. "They put it in a separate room for the switch-out, and during that time those televisions came up missing."

Police have identified several suspects and believe the heist was an inside job, Brown said.

"All nine televisions have been recovered, at least three search warrants were executed per a pretty complex investigation and charges are pending," Brown said.

Some of the televisions had been sold, and they were recovered from the buyers who got their money back, he said.

The final paperwork on the case should be available Monday, Brown said.