The Casper Police Department is asking for help in locating a missing man. Micheal Bender, 53, went missing last Saturday at around 9 pm. He was last seen at Taylor's Sports Bar in Evansville.

Casper Police Detective Wes Gudahl is asking people to check around their properties, especially people who live between Taylor's Sports Bar and the Virginian Hotel, where Bender lived. Some of the routes Bender could've taken are the Rails for Trails path, the railroad line, or regular streets, but he was thought to be on foot when he disappeared.

Family of the missing man say it is uncharacteristic of Bender to not be in contact with family and friends. Bender was last seen wearing blue jeans, black boots and a zeroXposure jacket.

Detective Gudahl said he's encouraged by the calls he's received because people want to help. However, the people they need to hear from are those who saw him at Taylor's that night, or, especially, they want you to call if you have seen, or think you might've seen, Bender since last Saturday.

The non-emergency number to the Casper Police Department is 235-8278, and you'll want to talk to Detective Wes Gudahl.