The National Weather Service has issued another winter storm warning through Wednesday for Casper and much of central and southeastern Wyoming.

With the expected additional snowfall, the city of Casper’s public services department expects to keep many of its city-employed snow plow operators busy.

Jared Winzen-Ried, a plow operator based out of Casper, says it’s best for motorists to keep a safe distance from plows trying to clear the streets.

“Stay back, because we do throw de-icer and spread it, and we don’t want that hitting your trucks and vehicles,” Winzen-Ried said. “Also, don’t try to pass us – sometimes it may feel like we’re going really slow, but we’re clearing the roads and making them safe for you guys to travel on.”

Winzen-Ried also says it’s best for motorists to not drive through the snow berm in the middle of the road, called the “windrow.” He says driving through the windrow impacts the speed and efficiency of plow operators.

Winzen-Ried also says it’s a safety concern when motorists drive through the windrow.

“We’ve encountered large boulders, snow shovels and car parts – anything you might find on the road, well, we just pick it up with our plows and plow it into those windrows because we can’t go around everything," Winzen-Ried said.

Winzen-Ried also recommends drivers take their time and drive at a safe speed during inclement weather situations.