Not everything was cancelled or shut down as a result of the recent snowstorm that hit Central Wyoming.

Experience pays off when you have an idea on what kind of impact the weather is going to have on travel.

Beckie Darnell of Jeffrey City says she knew that her husband was scheduled to have surgery on Wednesday, March 30th,  and that if she traveled to Casper that day, she would not have made it, because of the snow covered roads.

So she got on the road before the worst of the storm hit, and she adds she's grateful that she did.

"I would be too worried if I wasn't here and be upset with myself probably, knowing Wyoming weather and knowing that you get caught in snowstorms, so it was just very very important."

Her husband, JD Darnell says he appreciates that his wife did what she did, instead of ending up stuck on the highway.

"When you have something like this going on, and you don't have family here, it sure would be very distressing, but having the family here with you, it just makes it a whole lot easier and more comforting."

Jeffery City ended up getting about eight inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service, and the highways between there and Casper, were closed for most of the day on Wednesday.