The fake lottery scam is once again being reported in Wyoming, according to Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department spokesman Dick Blust.

He says the latest variation on this common fraud features people receiving a text on their cell phone saying they have won a large prize such as $100, 000 in a lottery.

The intended victim is then told that they can only claim the prize if they send $9,000 to an address in Texas. A different twist on the same scam features the victim being asked to give the scammer bank account, credit card or other private financial information.

The con artist in both cases claims the victim has to either pay ''taxes" or a "processing fee."

Blust says there are several things to remember about legitimate lottery prizes:

-You won't win a lottery you never entered. if you didn't buy a ticket no lottery is going to randomly choose you to win.

-If you do have a winning lottery ticket you usually need to contact the lottery, not the other way around.

-You will never have to pay to collect winnings from a legitimate lottery. if you owe taxes on a contest prize they are paid afterward, not ahead of time.