A call on August 29th, at 6:38 a.m., sent Wyoming State Troopers to Interstate 25 looking for a man jumping into traffic. When troopers arrived at the location 40 miles north of Casper, they saw a man and woman claiming they had run out of gas. After asking their names and getting conflicting information, the troopers became suspicious that the two were not being honest about who the man was.

Through conversation with the female, identified as 21 year old Nissa L. Dipalma of Fort Collins, Colorado, troopers ended up on the phone with a third party. The phone conversation led the investigation to Facebook. Through Facebook and the third party, troopers ended up contacting the Larimer County Colorado Detention Center. This phone call led to a photo of the man who had been identifying himself as Joe Wolfe. The photo from the Colorado jail had the man's name listed as 28 year old Kenneth J. Vetter of Fort Collins, Colorado.

An information check on Kenneth J. Vetter discovered multiple warrants for fraud, dangerous drugs and escape out of Colorado. Joe Wolfe was confirmed to be Kenneth Vetter and he was taken in to custody by the troopers without incident.

Nissa Dipalma was cited for interference as she had given the troopers false information during the investigation.