A referendum on the city of Casper's recently created public indoor smoking ban won't happen.

"We're very disappointed. We're disappointed for the community in that the community doesn't get to vote on their feelings."

Casper Businessman, Pat Sweeney, was the driving force behind the petition that circulated, but failed to raise the required number of signatures in order to bring a referendum to the ballot.

Sweeney suggests the composition of the council could change with the fall election bringing in new council members who support, what Sweeney calls, "the right to choose."

Meantime Smoke Free Natrona County supporters are happy to move on.

Spokesperson Mandi Wymore says they're excited to know that everyone will benefit from the protections of the smoke free policy that goes into place on September 1st.

"We've been working on this for a really long time and its nice to see the hard work pay off. And the citizens of Casper stood behind it and this is what they want."