Roosevelt High School Students and Staff get an early release this afternoon following reports of an airborne contaminant.

"At approximately 1 o'clock today we received a call that we had three students and an adult at Roosevelt High School who we're experiencing redness of the eyes, burning of the throat and we suspected it was some form of  pepper spray, but on the advice of the Casper Fire Department we did evacuate the building."

Safe schools administrator Marty Wood says, to be safe, responders asked that students not return to the building for the rest of the day. He says they alerted parents to pick up students from the portable next to the school.

Wood says they have since  received the all clear from  Casper Fire/EMS.

"They directed us to do some thorough cleaning. They don't anticipate this being a problem after today and school will resume tomorrow."

While  Casper Police aren't 100% sure they suspect it was pepper spray. Wood says it may have been a prank and somebody had to put there.

"It was put there by somebody we're pretty confident of that. So we're doing an investigation of the student side of it and if we can find out who did that, than that person will be disciplined pretty severely for that action."