Pearce Custom Butchering and Processing is open for business again after a fire, possibly arson, damaged the building early last Sunday morning.

Barnett Brock, Owner-Operator of the business west of Casper, wants customers to know they're back in business, but he remains hesitant to talk about the incident.

"The only thing that I'm able to say is there's been an arson- well I wouldn't even say that- there's been a fire here. I've been cleared by the meat inspector to go ahead and keep processing.  It did not damage any food products or anything that's been used, like spices, in our sausage and what-not."

Brock says the fire took place in a back room where it did relatively little damage.

"There's some fire damage on the wall and the ceiling. It'll be going under restoration by the end of this week.  As soon as the insurance company comes and does their final evaluation of it."

He says their busy season is starting to wind down, but they still want to get the word out that they're up and running.

"We're still here. We're still accepting animals. It kind of just set us back a day and we've been cleared to keep processing meat."

The investigation into the cause of the fire continues.