Classes for the fall semester at Casper College begin Monday.

Casper College president Dr. Walter Nolte warns that, with construction continuing on the new music and union buildings, parking could be an issue for commuters during the early portion of the semester. Nolte says, per the campus development plan, parking areas are being moved to the outer edge of campus to accommodate new student-oriented facilities located near the center of campus.

“We’re moving parking toward the edge of campus and turning the center of campus into a pedestrian-friendly area,” Nolte said. “It’ll have walkways and grass and will actually have display and performance areas.”

Nolte says the campus’ center loop road will also see occasional closures this semester.

“There will be occasional closures for construction purposes and we hopefully did all of the major closures for utilities and storm drainage over the summer,” Nolte said.

Nolte recommends students and faculty arrive early while construction continues at the college.