The Natrona County School District's 'Alert Now' System needs updated information.  Parents or guardians who want to be notified in the event of an emergency can get accurate information fast.

"Alert now is a service that the school district offers. It delivers voice messages at a rate of more than one million per hour to telephones, cellphones, PDA's and any Internet enabled device. So this allows schools to contact parents, students and staff immediately with accurate and time sensitive information during emergencies"

Jennifer Cousineau, NCSD communications specialist says  lock downs and weather emergencies are examples of how the system is used.

"Important information that families need to know will be disseminated through that system, so its extremely important that families have their contact information updated with their schools."

Cell phone numbers, work and home phone numbers are all vital. She says the best way to update is to go to, or call, your school office manager and verify that all information on hand is current.