The bands played, children chased candy, and the celebration started to let everyone know that it's Fair and Rodeo time in Central Wyoming.

Tuesday morning July 9th, was the annual Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo Parade, as thousands of fans and more than 100 entries lined the streets of downtown Casper to march and watch.

Parade organizer Cindy Stirrett says it's a way of letting everyone in Central Wyoming know that the fun has started.

"It's one of the big events for Casper, for the whole summer, it kind of signifies summer is here and everybody just gets together and the parade used to be the beginning of the fair and rodeo week and once the parade started, then everybody went to the fairgrounds and the carnival started."

The rodeo runs each night starting Tuesday July 9th through Saturday, starting at 7:30 at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds.