Round two of high school design planning for the Natrona County School District wraps up Thursday.

Three days of the continued 'Charrette' process--as it's called- includes community members, architects and school leadership working together to envision three high school projects; two remodels and one brand new building.

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Natrona County School District spokesman, Kelly Eastes, says they hope to have a strong sense of programs and needs for each of the high school sites by wrap up of the Charette process on Thursday.

Following that, Thursday evening, the general public is encouraged to attend an informational meeting.

"What people can expect is a general report out of what's transpired. For instance, one program may be at one campus and not at another. Maybe some of those ideas will be available. They can get a sense for the size of the buildings  and just kind of get a layout of what the summer work is gonna look like."

Eastes says the next step is for the architects, designers and consultants to distill all the input down to a workable plan.

"Some sort of schematic that people can visualize and learn from.  So they will bring those back and we'll continue to work on those throughout the summer."

The presentation Thursday evening, May 26th, is in the Three Trails Room at the Casper Events Center from 6:30 to 8pm. You'll want to drive around and park at the back of the building and enter there to get to the Three Trails Room.