Casper City Council passed on first reading, Tuesday night, an ordinance change that would prohibit the carry of deadly weapons into city meetings.

The ordinance change was passed on a six to three vote.

A motion to table the discussion until after the state Legislative session did not pass. Rather, council choose to go on record with their votes.

The public hearing Tuesday went on for about two hours with balanced representation on both sides. Former City Attorney, Bob Mullen, spoke first in favor.

"This is such a valuable opportunity to be able to come and address the public, elected officials and to engage in civil discourse. We ought to be very careful about anything that limits or discourages people from expressing themselves."

The intimidation factor came up a number of times during the hearing, especially from council members.

Anthony Bouchard, of the Wyoming Gun Owners Association, again addressed constitutionality questions, but also brought up the question of effectiveness.

"I do have one question. Is a sign out there saying "No Guns" really going to keep everyone safe."

That question and others will remain unanswered for the time being.

Mayor Bertoglio suggests council will discuss what their next step will be in addressing the quesion at their work session next Monday.