From 38 applications for One-Cent Community Project funds Casper City Council has pared down a preliminary list to 19, but, Pete Meyers, administrative analyst for the city says its still too early to say who's really made the cut.

"From that result 19 of them got at least four votes in favor and then the others got less than that. Counsel now has to decide, first of all, if that's the final list that should be considered for continued funding, and if so how much."

That preliminary list still leaves around 10 million in requests from a total of six million available. Being told "no" always hurts. For those who find themselves on the wrong side of the cut line they may need to remember the parameters for eligibility. Meyers says the Council's choices reflect, in part, what, legally, the city is able to do.

"There are lots of legalities in question. Wyoming state law specifies certain powers and certain things that cities can do.  Certain projects might be beyond those bounds."

At next Monday's work session Council will review the list, finalize the first cut, and from there determine how the six million will be distributed.

The one cent #14 optional tax comes in and goes out incrementally over the next four years.