Voter registration for November’s general election ends Monday, Oct. 22 at 5:00 p.m. Officials with the Natrona County Clerk’s Office say they have received nearly 28,000 voter registrations.

Natrona County clerk Renea Vitto says those who miss Monday’s deadline can still register and vote on Nov. 6.

Same-day voter registration in Wyoming means that you can actually move in on that day, and, as long as you are living in Wyoming or are going to school, you can register to vote on that day,” Vitto said.

Vitto says those who opt for same-day voter registration will vote immediately after completing the registration process at their polling place on Election Day.

You can register to vote on that day and actually cast your ballot,” Vitto said. “You would have to show a valid ID, of course, and you’d need to be in your proper polling place.”

Vitto says those who have recently moved should also be prepared to show their ID to election officials.

A lot of people have changed their address, so, if they go to their polling place that they went to the last time and they realize that’s not where they’re supposed to be because they have moved, they will need to show their ID to make a change,” Vitto said.

Vitto says she expects turnout numbers to be similar to 2008’s figures.

Those who have questions regarding voter registration or their polling place location can call (307) 235-9217, or they can visit the Natrona County Clerk’s website.