No comment from officials at the Denver Food Bank of the Rockies on why they will suddenly change management at the Wyoming Food Bank in Mills. The local food bank received glowing reports from recipients and volunteers at a recent Casper City Council public hearing. That public testimony convinced council to contribute $2.5 million toward a planned expansion. That's all on hold now, says Janie Gianotsos, director of marketing and community relations at the Food Bank in Denver, though she says all food distribution programs will continue.

"I'm happy to say everything we've done to reach out to the community we plan to continue to do. So we're gonna continue distributing food. Last year we distributed 5.1 million pounds of food in Wyoming."

The food comes out of the Denver warehouse where the food bank is a member of the Feeding America Network. Distribution was managed locally. Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies was set to become an independent member of the Feeding America Network this fall. Gianotsos says they're in the processes of hiring a new director and adds that if people have concerns they're welcome to contact them.

"Our CEO here in Denver would be happy to talk with them about what's going on up there. We certainly are going to keep doing what we're doing. We've been up there since 2005. We've been serving Wyoming indirectly through the Denver warehouse and we'll just continue to do that."

Meantime, the former Director, Kim Summerhall-Wright and former Development Director, Jamie Purcell have established a new venture, the Wyoming Food For Thought Project.