A new resource designed to aid state residents growing older or coping with a disability has been re-energized.

The Wyoming Department of Health is kicking off its new Wyoming Aging and Disability Resource Center that provides statewide services to residents over the age of 55 and adults living with a disability, as well as family members, caregivers and health care providers.

Listen Here to the full interview with Debbie Walter, Wyoming A-D-R-C Coordinator who she says the center is not really a center.

"Its more of a system of resources, supports and services that people can tap into with one phone call."

She says the ideas is to help people navigate through the maze of services available to the elderly and the disabled.  How to find a wheel chair, for instance, or how to access home delivered meals, or how to find a physical therapist and then determine if your health plan will pay for it.

Wyoming's resource provider, she says, will be located in Greenriver, but serve the entire state,  "In the form of a resource coordinator. They have one hired and they're hoping to hire a couple more. They also have a long term care options counselor and they have some in-take personnel as well."

Walter says if you call them at, 1 877 435 7851, the Wyoming Aging and Disability Resource Center will act as a one-stop-shop.

"So instead of an individual having to make 10 or 12 different phone calls to try to coordinate their services, they can call the ADRC and they will help you do that."

There are no income eligibility guidelines to receive help from the program.