Requests for a piece of the Six million dollar pie designated for Community Projects out of the new optional one cent tax will need applying for by the end of February.

Traditionally those dollars go out to entities like the Library and CAT-C -that's the city bus- but also to many local nonprofits.

The application deadline got pushed back a month after Casper City Council members expressed concern with applicants having sufficient time to create comprehensive appeals.

"Yes,  the council initially looked at having the applications due the end of January, however they're so concerned that the applications are in good shape and have done the due diligence that they extended the deadline by another month, because if they don't then I;m sure they will be pushed aside by the council for not doing good preparatory work."  City Manager, Tom Forslund, says they'll develop the application over the next week and they'll let it be known that the process has begun.  He says once received, Council will select projects for funding with final selection by May.

Forslund says they're also interested in  gathering followup information to use as part of a public report that would track the use of all One Cent Funds.  "Hopefully that will keep the citizenry more engaged and (be a)continuation of our civic engagement process that we under took this year during the development of the One Percent package."

Contact the Casper City Manager's Office for more information.