Trustees unanimously approved new five-year educational and operational strategic goals for the Natrona County School District on Wednesday.

Board vice chair Elizabeth Horsch said the new goals reflect a change in focus for the district. She said the revised goals focus less on graduation rates and more on getting students ready for college or post-graduation careers.

“What you really want is for kids to be prepared to do something after they graduate – one of our previous superintendents used to say that we, simply, threw (our graduates) over the fence,” Horsch said. “We didn’t say, “Are you prepared for the next level?’”

The district, however, is still striving to graduate at least 85 percent of its students by 2019.

The district is also aiming to have 85 percent of its students reading at or above grade level, and they also want all schools to either meet or exceed performance expectations by 2019 as well.

The district is also aiming to better satisfy its stakeholders by 2019, aiming for an 80 percent satisfaction rate from students, parents and staff.