P.E. classes are an integral part of educational programing.

That idea is at the crux of an argument between Natrona County School District and the Wyoming School Facilities Commission over what constitutes an enhancement.

"The disagreement focuses on $120,000 in repairs to the Kelly Walsh High School swimming pool and also with respect to the replacement of the artificial turf at the Natrona County High School stadium that's about a $540,000 project."

That's school board member Donn McCall.

The State School Facilities Commission recently rejected Natrona County's request to use regular maintenance funds to make those repairs.

The school district has around 580 thousand dollars from the state it can use for, so-called, enhancement repair. The remaining balance must be paid for using local money.

The district is looking to a Wyoming Supreme Court decision to back its argument.

"The Wyoming Supreme Court said in the opinion, that if facilities are used to deliver the education program of the district and if funding is provided for physical education, for teachers, for coaches, out of the funding model, then those are not enhancements.

McCall also points out how intensively Natrona County Facilities are used by students regionally, in part, because of the central location.

McCall suggests the issue could have long term impacts on future school planning with the question looming as to who pays for things like swimming pools; the state or local tax payers.