Kids in Natrona County might notice a few changes to their school lunch now that new nutritional standards are being implemented.

They'll see things like whole grains, more fruits, and darker greens in their salad.

Mike Pyska is nutritional services manager for the school district and he says they've known the changes were coming and have been slowly adjusting.

"We've actually been incorporating more fruits and vegetables. They wanted more colored vegetables so we've added mashed sweet potatoes as well as the milk. We've switched to one percent milk. We're actually ahead of the guidelines."

Chocolate milk is still available, but its low fat. Pyska says some recipes have been adjusted to make them healthier. He says there are no fryers in the district, so things like the corndog- percieved as an unhealthy item-is actually a healthy alternative using whole grain coating and the dogs are made from low fat turkey.

The changes in nutritional standards for school lunches come out of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act signed into law last year.