The homeless liaison for Natrona County School District, Greta Hinterliter, was nominated for national recognition recently.  While Hinterliter didn't make the final vote, she says her time at the conference for the National Association for Homeless Children and Youth and its awards reception got her mixing with others doing the same work.  She says a over a thousand people were there this year, the biggest conference she's been to.

Hinterliter says she goes every year and comes away feeling grateful that her loads are lighter compared to other areas of the country, though,  she says everywhere homeless numbers are up.  In Natrona County she says so far she's identified about 150 children living without permanent homes.

This time of year is always busy and the goal doesn't change; essentially finding ways for homeless children to get their basic needs met so they can concentrate on getting to school and learning everyday.  She says the holidays can be especially difficult, " there are families that just have no way to feed their children  with that many days off school.  Of course the children are missing six meals in those days.  And there 'll  be a three week Christmas break, and so I'm teaming with Rotary and Food Bank of the Rockies and we'll be packing some non perishable food."

Those food packets go to families to help them over the holidays when children don't have the benefit of school meals.

Hinterliter says contributions to the Homeless Children's Fund through the Natrona County School District or to any of the Shelters in Town help her in carrying out her mission.