14,000 square feet of Natural Grocer opens in Casper next month; Organic produce, foods with no artificial ingredients, grass fed beef, and lots of other stuff for the health conscious.

Nancy Flynn for Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage out of Denver says their market research indicated Casper was under-served and ready.

"Casper has a lot of people that are very well read, they're on the Internet, they know how to research, they're very savvy shoppers, and because of the distance, obviously, they don't have a lot of accessibility."

Flynn says there will be no mark up on prices for Casper and merchandise will be the same as would be found in Fort Collins or Denver.

The cornerstone of the Natural Grocers mission, she says is to educate customers on nutritional options making them informed buyers.

They're still looking for a nutritional health coach to staff the Casper store. All staffing, Flynn says, will be done locally and she says they're also interested to hear from local vendors with product to sell.

"For vendors  that have product lines  they'd like us to look at we have categories on the website that people can go to for product submission. We'll be happy to look at the products and go through the evaluation with them."

Grand opening will be May 24th. The location is on East 2nd street in the old Rex Electronics building.