As of late Tuesday afternoon  it was all clear for wildfires in the eastern half of Natrona County, but a Red Flag Warning remains in effect until 8 p.m. this evening.

Dave Baker, for Natrona County Fire, says the most recent wildfires visible from the Casper area have been put to rest.

"Sunday we had two fires that were very visible. We had a 2500 acre fire off of Interstate 25 and then we also had 150 acre fire off of Cole Creek Road. Both those fires were contained Sunday and then we had crews stay on them  Monday to ensure that they were completely out."

That said, the Fire District remains on high alert.

The Red Flag Warning, Baker says, comes with continued dry air and winds picking up this evening,  "and when those conditions are right and the moisture for the grass is very low we usually go under a Red Flag Warning, which basically means no open burning is recommended. We don't issue any permits for open burns. We urge people not to burn trash that day. If you are barbecuing use extreme caution. Make sure you have a good clear area around and make sure you have a garden hose on site."

Baker says its been a couple years since Natrona County has been under any open burn restrictions and so far that remains true. He says hopefully the weather will turn alleviating the current extreme fire danger.

But for Wednesday, a fire weather watch will be in effect from the afternoon through the evening as wind and low humidity are expected to continue.