The fire is not only keeping a number of firefighters busy, it's also doing the same to a number of law enforcement agencies.

Since the Sheep Herder Hill fire is burning outside of city limits, the Natrona County Sheriff's Office is heavily involved.

Lieutenant Gus Holbrook of the Sheriff's Office says when it comes to wild-land fires like this, there's more to it than just fighting the fire itself.

"Not only do we patrol the area, especially when we have a mandatory evacuation, we have to make sure that the property is kept safe, and that people aren't getting in there, that don't belong. We also man roadblocks."

However, all that work consumes a lot of manpower, but the Sheriff's Office does get help.

"It really drains our resources quickly and thankfully the Casper Police Department, the Highway Patrol, Mills Police Department, Evansville Police Department, they all step forward and assist us and back-fill when we have to take our people away, they start taking calls and assisting us."

Lieutenant Holbrook says some deputies have red cards which enable them to help fire crews in battling a blaze.