Wyoming’s primary is coming up August 21st and Natrona County is preparing itself for another busy day at polling places throughout the area.

Natrona County clerk Renea Vitto says, though it’s not something that’s required in all cases – especially if you’ve already registered – it would still be wise for voters to bring their state-issued Wyoming driver’s license or picture ID with them to their polling place on election day.

Vitto said “a valid driver’s license is really all (the voter) needs.” She added that “if they’re already registered, they don’t need to prove they are who they are at the polls.”

“However, if they want to make a change to their current voting registration, they do need (their ID) if they want to change their political party.”

Open registration closed August 6th. However, those wanting to vote with an absentee ballot may do so at their polling place up until August 21. Voters can find their polling place at the Natrona County Website.