One veteran Natrona County legislator lost his chance for re-election Tuesday and another retained it.

Senator, Charlie Scott, for district 30 was challenged by State Representative for Natrona County, Bob Brechtel. Scott called it a hard election, because of negative campaigning that he says took his record and twisted it.

He says there was an extraordinary amount of money behind the negative ads and he suggests voters should beware.

"The message I think for the voters is, these low turn out primaries you've got to pay attention to, because they are some risks and you could get someone that you don't really want."

Scott believes that by national standards Wyomingites are conservative, but he says the average voter here is relatively moderate and Tuesday's results illustrate that.


Senator Kit Jennings, for district 28, lost his chance for re-election to a retired military veteran with both political and small business experience.

Republican, Jim Anderson, says the primary campaign was a lot of work and he had a lot support. He says he hopes to bring his experience with fiscal management to the chair.

"What I'd like to see changed is more fiscal responsibility in the chair from district 28, Senate district 28. I'd like to see people there represented better."


One of the very few democratic challenges to a legislative seat will be made for that district 28 seat.

Kim Holloway is a Democrat and currently on Casper city council. She's a mother of four with political experience who sees her role as one of bringing diversity to the Wyoming legislature.

"My hope is to bring a different voice to the table and to raise awareness about people who don't get a lot of time on the minds of the current legislature."

We'll hear more on K2 Radio from these and other candidates as the political season ramps up for the general election in November.