Casper and Natrona County Law Enforcement are getting some help when it comes to finding those that are missing.

The Casper Police Department along with the Natrona Sheriff's Office, recently announced that their departments have joined the 'A Child Is Missing' alert program.

In most cases, when a person calls local law enforcement to report someone missing, the police or sheriff deputies then call the 'A Child Is Missing' headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with the information.

The program then makes thousands of automated telephone calls to listed land lines, to alert various neighborhood residents, about the missing person, and where that person was last seen.

Mark Trimble with the Casper Police Department says the program should help speed up search efforts.

"It is a tool for us to get mass notifications out in a very quick amount of time...far faster than we can do it on foot with a limited number of officers. If you have to go door to door and block to block, it's very very time consuming. Something like this, we give them the information, and within a couple of minutes, they are placing up one-thousand phone calls per minute, in that search area. Hopefully people are answering their phone, listen to the information, looking outside their window. It quadruples my manpower, by making phone calls for me."

The 'A Child Is Missing' is a non-profit program, and is not just for children.

It can also be used for mentally or physically disabled people, along with college students and senior citizens.

Those who have cell phones and want to register and receive information about missing people, when it happens, can click HERE!

Law Enforcement in Natrona County and Laramie County, are the only ones in Wyoming involved in the 'A Child is Missing' Alert Program.