The Natrona County Commission will consider a zoning change in a subdivision north of Casper in a rare re-hearing at its meeting in the old courthouse at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Commissioners in June turned down the request from developer Keith Tyler and his F.T. Investments LLC and land owner Vernon and Gloria Boyce Living Trust to change the zoning from Urban Mixed Residential to Light Industrial on 30 acres at 2744 Salt Creek Highway.

The county's Planning and Zoning Commission, which advises the Board of County Commissioners, earlier had approved the request.

But several dozen neighbors had signed petitions and a number of them spoke at the June 3 county commission meeting to register their objections.

They said the light industrial designation could allow businesses that do chemical processing or salvage operations, which would further erode the rural residential character of the area.

For example, petition organizer David Phillips said five zoning changes over the past 10 years has altered the character of the rural area when his parents bought their property 60 years ago.

Since then, some commissioners who voted down the request now say new evidence warrants another look.

According to the county's development department, the developer and landowner has offered to build buffers between areas with different zoning, and to create covenants to make the light industrial uses more compatible with residential neighborhoods.

However, at an informational meeting last week sponsored by Tyler, neighbors still objected to the proposed changes.

Besides the public hearing about the proposed zoning change, commissioners are scheduled to approved agreements between the Natrona County Sheriff and nine other counties for juvenile detention services, and to approve a request by the Wyoming Department of Transportation for temporary construction permit for 3.3 miles along Interstate 25 north of Casper that includes the purchase of a strip of land as part of the project.